Part 2

Personal Statement

Draft 2

I have been crazy about painting from a very young age and won my first national art competition prize in China when I was five. I spent nearly all my spare time sharing my work and discussing art creation with these people when I was very young. My childhood set a perfect foundation for the later incorporation of acrylic, oil, and other materials into my art practice. I have always been proud of my eerie ideas, and the way I translate these ideas through brave use of colour. These had become even stronger since decided to have an art career and tried a much wider range of media.

I love undefinable emotions, uncontrollable sentiment, black comedy, and digital media. My inspiration mainly proceeds from the Surrealism, Japanese subcultures, tattoo illustration, my nightmares, philosophy and poetry. For the past three years, I had been suffering from nightmares and sleep paralysis with hallucination. I take my nightmares as a gift and always make records of them in both documentary and poetic languages. My dreams, therefore, become a sustainable theme for my work of art.

When I first came to the UK two years ago, I experienced an unbelievable period of depression. I became extremely introverted and refused to communicate with people around me. I am very willing to accept all the suffering in which art will bring to me since it once saved me. What saved you from the abyss will become your next abyss.The A Level Art and Design class brought me many joy, and gave me a deeper comprehension of contemporary art during high school.

I completed an internship at the K11 chi Art Museum in Shanghai last year - I settled everything before opening time, introduced the work, researched about the artists and wrote articles for its current exhibition. More importantly, this specific experience showed me what is happening behind the scene of each art exhibition I visited. I also received invaluable advice for my own work from those staffs.

In foundation, I specialise in Fine Art, Painting pathway. I obtained a deeper understanding of painting and realised that it is more than about putting colors on canvas. The project I am currently working on is Realism. I began my project with experimenting on images: overpainting the images on magazines, cropping, collages, and blurring. I find the result of overpainting on magazines particularly successful. The process of overpainting can be described as adding textures and paint marks to the image instead of simply painting from an image. I continued this project by researching on Robert Ryman and tried to imitate his application of white paint. In my opinion, if a painting that only associates with its process could be seen as realism, then a real object could certainly be viewed as realism as well. Meanwhile, I received a series of faulty developed film from my photographer friend. Although he did not appreciate the result at all, I was impressed by the effect of inartificial leaked light on these images. The idea that "capitalism is weakening individual's meaning" appeared in my mind. An amiss film is not welcomed by capitalism because it has no commercial value, but its value must be existing somewhere, for someone. I printed the photographs on A3 acetate papers, and made the work sculptural by combining the photographs with parts of a coat stand. The project is therefore converted to 3D.

My foundation at CSM is about guiding me to become an amazing artist. The way the pathway is structured allows me to immerse myself into painting. In addition, the curriculum provides both freedom to break rules and receive inspiring constructive advice from tutors. This is another reason why I would want to apply undergraduate course in the University of the Arts London. Also, I love the multi cultural environment and diversity in students here. I am looking forward to the opportunities of participating in exhibitions. I will challenge myself to reach full potential with your support and dedicate my whole life to art.